You & Me

About you

You might be a busy, growing business, a thought leader with content to share, a newcomer looking to make a splash in your market, or an established brand looking to diversify. You’ve got something to say but you are not quite sure what or how. You might dabble in social media but haven’t quite nutted out a strategy.

Busy at business

You don’t have time to keep on top of your website content, email marketing or communication with staff and customers but you’d like to leverage the opportunities out there. You need a website content refresh, some new literature or marketing collateral, help with blog posts, publicity and press releases.

You don’t want to become just another client at an agency but you also don’t have the time to learn the skills yourself or the resources to dedicate to a communications role. You want someone who will get to know your business and your customers while providing a valuable service at a reasonable cost. Perhaps you don’t know exactly what you need but you’d like some help figuring it out.

About me

Let me take care of all this stuff while you focus on being brilliant in business.


I’m serious about writing great content, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I bring a journalist’s nose for news, a comms professional’s eye for strategy, two ears for twice as much listening as talking. Oh yeah, and a brain – that’s important.
If you want to find and tell the stories of your business, start a dialogue with your customers and raise your profile, let’s talk.

What can I do for you?
  • Find and write your stories
  • Help you to plan content, create content and share content
  • Editing and improving existing content, repurposing content for different channels
  • Social media set-up and management
  • Content strategy development: the what, why and how of your content.